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We're all guilty of making spelling mistakes—a missed letter or misplaced vowel is bound to happen. Most people rely on spell-check more than they'd like to admit, yet even spell-check can't save you from every spelling mistake.

What happens, for example, when you write "pubic" instead of "public"? They're both technically words, so it's common for spell-check to miss this mistake. Or worse, what happens when you misspell a word so badly that even spell-check doesn't have any suggestions? The infographic below offers some hilarious examples of these and other spelling errors. Enjoy!

Scribendi.com's editing professionals put together an infographic with the top 10 most hilarious misspellings.

To avoid making these spelling mistakes, send your writing to a professional proofreading service (preferably before you decide to plaster it on a billboard or something). Having your writing reviewed by a human editor who understands context will help ensure your embarrassing errors are corrected before the world sees them.

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