You made very careful changes to the text that preserved my style and enhanced the overall presentation. I read the original and then the edited version, and the impact of your work was clearly visible. That's exactly what I was looking for.


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Scriptwriting is a diverse field, and scripts for stage, screen, and online interactive media are distinct from each other and any other form of written communication. PSAs, theatrical plays, interactive multimedia scripts, and short and feature screenplays each require the implementation of highly specified, technical formats. That’s why script editing is a specialist skill

A skilled script editor will improve the chance of your script submissions being accepted at a production company or a director at a theatre company putting your play into production. A skilled script editor knows the difference between two-column PSAs and five-column interactive multimedia scripts. Production companies hire experienced script readers to sift through thousands of scripts, and these readers know all the ins and outs of their industry’s required format. Film and TV scriptwriting is a competitive field, and the script editing service at will give your work the professional style that will get your script into production.

Editing a script requires respect for the writer's vision while ensuring all the necessary formatting has been implemented consistently and properly in the script draft you choose to send to production companies—there’s no such thing as a final draft until that film or episode reaches the big screen or your television.'s script editors know the words are yours, but we will make sure they are presented correctly.

A creative talent has passion and vision, but all scriptwriting is a business—and you need objectivity and clarity to frame your PSAs, screenplays, and theatrical plays if you want to become and remain established in your chosen industry. The script editing service provides skilled, experienced script readers and script editors that know what all the industries expect from a script. The worthiest words are wasted if they do not reach the ear of an audience, so don't let any technical oversight lose you the opportunity of getting your script into the public arena.

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