How to Write an Employee Recommendation Letter

I remember the first time I was asked to write an employee recommendation letter. I knew this person to be extraordinarily talented and dedicated to their chosen career path. I said of course, I would write them their letter and sat down at my computer to write. This is what I learned.

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How to Write an Employee Recommendation Letter Podcast

If you are asked to write an employee letter of recommendation, it is important you have all the information you need to present the employee in an appropriate light. In this podcast, we offer suggestions, such as stating why the employee is a good worker and describing the characteristics that make them successful. A powerful conclusion also helps!

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Post-Interview Follow-up Letter Example's editors provide a post-interview follow-up letter example to help you land that dream job.

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Query Letter Sample

We have already discussed how to write a query letter, and provided tips on what you should include in one and how you should format it. Now, we have provided a query letter sample to help make the letter writing process easier.

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Recommendation Letter Example

We have already explained how to write a recommendation letter and the benefit in doing so. This article will provide an example recommendation letter for your reference. Please use it to help format and write your next letter.

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