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Our premium two-pass service includes one round of editing, one round of proofreading, and a complimentary editing certificate. Strengthen your writing by working with an experienced subject matter expert in your field.

Excellence is our mandate. You strive to deliver your best work, and so do we.

Our bundle helps you make the most of your academic talents with the editing and proofreading expertise of a subject matter expert in your field.

This two-pass service begins with an editing pass by an editor who is an expert in your field and who is using the latest technological editing tools to ensure accuracy. When that pass is completed, you can review your editor’s suggestions and revise your work. Once you’re ready, you can resubmit your work to the same editor for the final proofreading pass. After addressing any suggestions from this final pass, you’ll be ready to move forward with a submission-ready document.

Upon completion of both passes, a complimentary editing certificate will be provided to you. This certificate can be supplied to academic journals as proof of revision.


  1. Submit your work for editing
  2. Receive the edited document
  3. Review your editor's suggestions and revise your work
  4. Submit your work for proofreading
  5. Receive a proofread document and editing certificate
  6. Review your proofreader's suggestions and address them, if necessary

We will edit your document according to any house guide, style guide, or journal guidelines—simply indicate your preference.

As a subject matter expert, your editor will provide

  • Field-specific insight into your work
  • Critical commentary on the methods and approaches of your work
  • Notes on potential weaknesses in the research and suggestions for improvement
  • Compliance with your field’s norms, expectations, and writing style
  • Correct field-specific terminology and abbreviations
  • Suggestions to otherwise prepare your work for publication

In addition, your editor will review your work for

  • Grammatical correctness and suitable academic language and tone
  • Appropriate structure and natural flow
  • Sound logic and clarity of thought
  • Strong arguments
  • Concise writing
  • Consistent formatting of page properties (headings, figures, tables, etc.)
  • Consistent formatting of in-text citations, references, and footnotes

In the proofreading pass, your new draft will be reviewed for

  • Typographical errors
  • Spelling, grammar, and punctuation issues
  • Consistent style, syntax, and tone
  • Accuracy of field-specific terminology and abbreviations
  • Adherence to field-specific norms, expectations, and writing styles
  • Formatting and spacing inconsistencies
  • Referencing inconsistencies
  • Compliance with the target style guide and/or journal guidelines

For optimal results, you may wish to combine this service with our full range of academic editing and proofreading services, which include reference checking, early draft editing, and document formatting.

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Academic Editing + Proofreading Bundle (up to 25,000 words)
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