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An academic’s writing is one of their most important tools. Develop exceptional writing with Merudio’s academic editing service.

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Words have power, and an academic’s writing skills can make or break their career. Develop exceptional writing with Merudio’s academic editing service.

Clear, impactful writing can help you present your work in its strongest form, increasing your chances of publication and helping you to establish your reputation and advance your career. Develop your best writing with our academic editing service.

We believe that editing is most effective when it is administered by someone who understands your work. Our academic editors are subject matter experts who combine their talents with our proprietary, best-in-class AI technology. As a result, our editors can spend more time helping improve the quality of your writing and less time hunting typos.

As a subject matter expert, your editor will

  • Offer field-specific insight and critical commentary on your work’s methods and approaches
  • Identify potential weaknesses in research and suggest solutions
  • Ensure that your work adheres to your field’s expectations, whether in writing styles, formatting, or other norms
  • Check that field-specific terminology is consistent and correct
  • Highlight additional opportunities to improve your chances of publication

In addition, your editor will review your work for

  • Grammatical correctness
  • Professional tone and language
  • Smooth transitions, structure, and flow
  • Sound logic, clarity of thought, and concise writing
  • Consistent and correct page formatting, including fonts, headings, line spacing, figures, tables, and more
  • Consistent and correct formatting of in-text citations, references, and/or footnotes and endnotes

We work with all style guides, in-house guides, and journal guidelines. Simply advise us of your preference or provide us with the relevant formatting information.

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