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Deliver perfectly polished work. Merudio's Academic Document Formatting service ensures that your materials are correctly formatted to your preferred style guide or your target journal’s guidelines.

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Give your work the edge it needs in the academic publishing process with a top-tier presentation. Merudio’s academic editors will ensure that your work is correctly formatted to your preferred style guide or your target academic journal’s format. Simply advise us of your preference.

Your editor will check for consistency and correctness in

  • General layout, such as the title page, columns, and margins
  • Placement of elements, such as the abstract, figures, and references
  • Kerning and line, paragraph, and section spacing
  • Titles and section, figure, and table headings
  • Page, figure, and table numbering
  • Word count, when applicable
  • Citations and references
  • Font type and size
  • Tables

Please note that this formatting service does not include editing or proofreading of your writing. If you require editing or proofreading, we can assist you with our academic editing and proofreading bundle or alternative services.

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