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Parts of Speech EbookThis February, Scribendi launched its newest e-learning resource, an ebook titled The Complete Guide to the Parts of Speech. This comprehensive guide is the ideal resource for English-language learners of all levels who seek to master the building blocks of writing: the parts of speech.

Released through Scribendi's subsidiary,, The Complete Guide to the Parts of Speech is available for purchase through Amazon. As the first in a four-book series, it serves as an introduction to's exciting new educational resources. In the coming months, the site will release additional ebooks, online writing courses, and articles to help students learn all they need to know about grammar, editing, essay writing, and more.

The extensive information in The Complete Guide to the Parts of Speech is adapted and presented especially for the language layman, making it an ideal resource for both native English speakers and those studying English as a second language. Both loyal Scribendi clients and regular visitors to the site's extensive resources page will appreciate the ebook's accessible tone, including detailed explanations and fun examples that illustrate even the most tedious aspects of the parts of speech.

The Complete Guide to the Parts of Speech joins Scribendi's ever-growing collection of how-to ebooks, including the incredibly successful How to Write an Essay in 5 Easy Steps. The grammar experts at Scribendi are excited to continue creating useful, easy-to-read resources for, helping students around the world learn to write anything well.


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