Hard Core Soft Cover
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Hard Core Soft Cover

by Nick Brodd, Al Bargen
Kindle Edition: 189 pages
Publisher: Writers Rise

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If you have always wanted to have a book published but felt daunted by the task, this is the book for you. I have met a lot of people who were confident about writing their book but were put off by all the other things that they would need learn how to do to achieve it. This book breaks the process down into achievable chunks and gives practical advice about how to outsource the parts that you don’t want to do yourself.
Informative, encouraging and inspiring are the three words I would use to describe Hard Core Soft Cover. This book makes the process of writing a book clear and easy to follow. The information is delivered in a fun, easy to understand style making it possible for anyone with a message to write a book. I found that this book filled in the missing links for my own writing process which enabled me to get back to writing with passion.
Hard Core Soft Cover is filled to the brim with writing advice, tips and insights that any person who wants to write a book, be it his first, second or third book, will find extremely valuable. I was getting blocked on my second book and this Drop-kicked me right into 5th gear! Look...bottom line, do you want to write better, faster, and more
efficient all while improving your ability to draw in the reader to want to invest time in your book? Then this book IS your next book, period

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