Write Successful Viral Nonfiction Books in 10 Days or Less
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Write Successful Viral Nonfiction Books in 10 Days or Less

by Eibhlin MacIntosh
Kindle Edition: 128 pages

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UPDATED in March 2015 with fresh insights, new topic suggestions, and more free resources.

Want to write a good, fast, nonfiction book that readers will rave about? Let best-selling author Eibhlin "Eileen" MacIntosh show you her unique, by-the-numbers system for writing and publishing viral nonfiction books in days, not weeks or months.

Readers are searching for these kinds of books.

Your books can ride a wave of popularity, achieving best-seller status in days with little or no promotional efforts.

If you love research and trivia, you can write and publish these fast, popular books... and have fun doing it.

In this short (24,000 word) book, Ms. MacIntosh reveals the exact system she uses. She explains how to find good ideas, check the competition, and delve into research resources to produce fun books in a short period of time. She also describes the process of outlining each book, writing it, selecting a book title and pen name, and choosing the best cover design.

You'll soon be writing and publishing these fun books yourself. Stack a few of them and become an authority in the field, or move on to the next topic for a rocket ride to publishing success. Either way, this is among the most fascinating, profitable ways to write fast books.

**Note: these are high quality, information-intensive nonfiction books. They're exciting to research. Some of these will be short books. They're fast and easy to write, but these books cannot be outsourced.**

If you follow Ms. MacIntosh's system to the letter, you may work long hours and write at a furious pace. You'll turn out a book in just a few, exhilarating (and sometimes exhausting) days. Then, for a month or longer, you can kick back and may reap generous rewards for weeks, months, or even years afterward. That makes writing fast books worthwhile.

Do you enjoy research and writing? Would you like to write good, interesting books, quickly? Have you always dreamed of being a best-selling author? Viral nonfiction books may be the answer, faster than you ever dreamed.

Read this book today. Put it to work for you. By this time next week, you could be the author of a runaway best-seller.

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