Salary Negotiations: How to Handle Questions About Salary (e-Report Book 8)
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Salary Negotiations: How to Handle Questions About Salary (e-Report Book 8)

by Peggy McKee
Kindle Edition: 41 pages
Publisher: Career Confidential

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Get a Better Job Offer – Salary Negotiations Start in the Interview

Get the compensation and benefits you deserve without putting your offer in jeopardy!

Employers will ask you questions about money (how much do you make, how much do you want to make) in the interview—but you can damage your offer if you answer in the wrong way.

When you do get the offer, there’s always room for you to ask for more. But how?

If you have ever been uncomfortable talking about salary, compensation or benefits with employers, or felt that you didn’t get everything you could have, then you need this report.

In this report, you will learn:

• How To Find Out What You’re Worth In Terms Of Salary

• How To Deflect Salary Questions In the Interview

• Why Employers Would Rescind An Offer—So You Can Avoid Mistakes

• How To “Set The Bias” For A Higher Salary / Benefits Offer

• Put The Employer On Your Side (Instead Of Setting Them Up As An Adversary)

Words, Phrases, And Responses That Guarantee You The Best Offer Possible

If you do even a LITTLE of what I tell you to do in this report, it will be a whole lot more than you’ve done before. You’ll get such great results from it that you’ll feel empowered and you’ll be stronger next time. So then, next time you’ll be better, and the time after that you’ll be even better. Each time, you’ll get better offers.

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