22 Leadership Fundamentals: The Door to Success says Push!
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22 Leadership Fundamentals: The Door to Success says Push!

by Alison Vidotto
Kindle Edition: 177 pages

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This book discusses Leadership Principles for Life, Business and the Wider Community and will show you how to:

· Obtain clarity about your purpose and vision
· Adapt and take advantage of change and turmoil
· Discover how and when to make the tough calls without guilt
· Be a conscious, authentic leader
· Step up, take responsibility and always be accountable

It’s never too late to be the leader you were born to be!

From living independently at 16, working full time and going to night school - to a mother of six, a successful businesswoman with an MBA, the founder and director of an international charity (www.accv.net.au) that supports over 200 families living in poverty in Vietnam.

Alison Vidotto is a true leader.

How did she do it?

Alison says ‘the Door to Success says Push!', and that’s just what she’s done.

With focus and determination Alison developed the leadership skills necessary to raise a strong, close family, build a business from scratch and to single handedly develop an English language and IT program for young blind students to escape a future with no potential.

Even though Alison was living independently at 16 she was determined to continue her education, she attended night school while working full time and continued to do so as she raised her children and followed her engineer husband from one mining project to another. With a growing family in tow she moved 20 times in 15 years, but that wasn’t going to stop her.

The road Alison travelled has taught her, often the hard way, the skills needed to become a strong leader, the importance of stepping up and the determination to never give up. The Door to Success says Push!

In 22 Leadership Fundamentals Alison shares the leadership skills she found necessary to raise a close family, be a strong member of the community, build a successful business, and run an international charity. Real life stories are woven throughout the book to demonstrate the importance of leadership in all aspects of life.

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