The Writer & The Hero's Journey (The Easy Way to Write)
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The Writer & The Hero's Journey (The Easy Way to Write)

by Rob Parnell
Kindle Edition: 147 pages
Publisher: R&R Books Film Music

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This book is designed primarily for writers - or new writers - who desire a better understanding of ideal story structure. “The Writer and the Hero’s Journey” is a complete manual for fiction writing mastery. This book will change your writing life forever - for the better.

Rob Parnell, Kindle bestselling author of a dozen acclaimed writing manuals, brings you a unique book that examines the hero’s journey and its importance to you, the writer, and all your fiction writing, no matter which genre is your speciality.

Have you ever wanted to be able to structure a short story or novel around your hero/heroine? If so, then using Rob Parnell’s modern interpretation of "The Hero's Journey" as a template is a sure-fire way to create a popular bestseller!

Here's what this groundbreaking new course reveals:

Module One: Mindset of a Hero
Telling a compelling story means first establishing its parameters. Discover simple and effective ways to start a story that will always engender empathy from your reader. In this first module we examine the hero's character and motivation and the symbolic 'call to action', the hero’s metaphorical separation from the ordinary world, leading him/her to take the necessary plot arc to fulfill the hero’s agenda and reach his/her inner and outer goals.

Module Two: Emergence
In any good story, a character must transcend his/her normal existence and be tested. This is the only way to ensure growth - and eventual satisfactory plot resolution. In this module we discover the ‘rules’ on how this metaphorical transformation can and must begin at the quarter point of the hero's journey. There's a tried and true formula for this part of your writing and using solid, familiar examples, you’ll see how many great authors create this scenario.

Module Three: Road of Trials
Writing is not just a way of entertaining readers, it is also a spiritual journey of enlightenment for the writer. At the midpoint in a story both the hero and the writer must be stretched to the limits of their imagination. In this module we explore the transformation of the hero and the writer at this crucial plot point. And how we can use simple guidelines to ensure the reader is transported by our story, its plot elements and our character arcs.

Module Four: Master of Worlds
The character's ultimate reward - and thereby the reader's sense of satisfaction - is based on the hero’s ability to overcome appropriate obstacles and achieve the agendas set out at the beginning of the story. In this module we learn how to structure and resolve character development. How you create endings that leave your reader gasping, crying, triumphant and begging for more! It's all part of the hero's journey.


* Each module is followed by practical exercises that will help strengthen your understanding of the hero’s journey and enable you to plan and execute brilliant story ideas with compelling characters.

* Throughout the course we look at examples from novels, movies and classic stories from all genres to illustrate the principles of the hero's journey - and how you can use them effectively in your own stories.

* We examine the importance of the hero’s journey in the context of writing, writers and in the metaphorical process of becoming a professional artist.

* The Major Arcana of the Tarot pack is revealed as an exact match for the hero’s journey. We learn what this means and what you can learn from it. Also, how to come up with fascinating characters and original story plots by using a humble Tarot pack.

* The author reveals the confidential secrets to his own writing success - so that you have practical examples you can apply to your own writer’s journey.

* And much more - all told with the style, panache and wit you'd expect from Rob Parnell, the ‘world’s foremost writing guru.’

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