Improve Your Memory Today! Discover the Memory Improvement Tips and Study Skills of the Ancient Greeks (improve memory, mental training, memory improvement, mental fitness Book 2)
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Improve Your Memory Today! Discover the Memory Improvement Tips and Study Skills of the Ancient Greeks (improve memory, mental training, memory improvement, mental fitness Book 2)

by Vernon Macdonald
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Discover how to train your mind to easily learn and recall critical information on command, just like the ancient Greeks

From the student studying for a test to a business professional, a powerful memory can be your ticket to success

Imagine that you are a student studying for an exam. Do you think having the ability to effortlessly memorize dates and names would be an advantage? Or maybe you’re a professional giving a speech. How much more impressive would it be to your audience if you gave it without notes? No matter who you are or what you need to remember (grocery lists? People’s names?) a robust memory is a huge advantage, a game changer even. Who wouldn’t want a powerful memory?
However, if you’re like most people your memory today is likely anything but. You likely forget the names of people you were introduced to 2 minutes before. Remember a single phone number? Forget about it (literally). Why is it that despite the advantages that a photographic memory would bestow so few of us possess it? Why are our modern memory abilities so flabby?
It wasn’t always this way. In ancient Greece the idea of a trained and disciplined memory was not the foreign idea it is today. What’s more it was not only great statesmen and philosophers like Cicero and Plato who had amazing memories, virtually everyone did. The reason for this is that before paper was commonly available it you wanted to remember information of any kind you had to memorize it in some way, there was no other choice. This is why the ancient Greeks and others all developed memory techniques that anyone could do with a little practice. With a little practice yourself, so could you.
Since ancient times we have used almost every technological advance to essentially out-source our memory. We all use short cuts such as paper, computers, cell phones etc. to remember information our memories used to. As a result our brains memory abilities have gotten flabby from disuse. The truth is that our brains are like muscles. When they are not used they become flabby and weak, but with a little exercise they can become muscular and strong again. This is what my book “Improve Your Memory Today!” does. It shows you how that you too, with a little practice, can use these ancient memory techniques to have a super memory. Think of all of the advantages that will be available to you once you possess a trained and disciplined mind:
• Easily and quickly remember names and dates – great for students!
• Recall facts and figures that will impress your business associates
• Give speeches without notes
• Remember poems, famous quotations or even entire books
• Never suffer from the embarrassment of forgetting a person’s name 5 minutes after having met them!
• Easily remember telephone numbers without the use of your cell phone
• And much more!
None of the techniques that you will earn in “Improve Your Memory Today!” are difficult, but they will all have a massive positive effect on your ability to recall critical information. If you are tired of having a flabby memory get this book and start training your brain today!

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