HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE: How to Grow a Passive Income in 20 Simple Steps
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HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE: How to Grow a Passive Income in 20 Simple Steps

by Montina "Sparkwisdom" Portis
Kindle Edition: 148 pages
Publisher: SPARKWISDOM Group, LLC

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Do you want to make money online?
Want to find out how you can do it while working full-time?
Are you REALLY serious about taking control of your future by developing a financial freedom plan?

It's time to punch fear in the face! You spent your entire life learning about active income. You were taught to go to school, get good grades, go to college and get a good job and retire. Now that you know about passive Income streams it's time to do something different. Create a new path for your family and generations. What are you doing to create one?

Building a passive income stream can prove to be even more difficult if you work full-time, have a spouse, in a relationship, are in college or have children. In order to grow a passive income stream you must be willing to swim upstream when everyone else is swimming down. You must learn how to manage your time and be able to keep working when the passion runs out. How will you do that?

This book was written with the beginner in mind and was written for the part-time entrepreneur that wants to grow a passive income stream yet does not have an enormous amount of resources available due to work and limited time. These are very simple steps that anyone can use to grow a passive income stream and I include a few ways to start a passive income stream too.

In March of 2014 she walked away from a lucrative career with the largest I.T. Financial company in the United States.  She wrote this book to teach you exactly how she did it so that you, too, can learn how to make money and grow your passive income streams. Montina provides 20 steps in a simple step-by-step plan that will show you exactly how she grew her passive income streams to dozens of information products, published books and 50,000 followers online.

About the Author: Montina is the CEO of Creative Internet Authority, the nation's leading full service law firm marketing agency specializing in lead conversion for boutique and small size law firms.  She wrote these books for entrepreneurs and small business owners who wish they had more time and more money grow their passive income streams. 

She is the author of the frequently #1 international best selling book YouTube Video Marketing Secrets Revealed: The Beginners Guide to Online Video Marketing, How to Grow a Passive Income in 20 Simple Steps, How to Build a Passive Income Stream Marketing Funnel and The Jump Is the Story: 30 Days to Greater Faith and How to Market Your Law Firm Online - Internet Marketing Guide.

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