Killing Pythagoras (Finalist Planeta Prize)
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Killing Pythagoras (Finalist Planeta Prize)

by Marcos Chicot
Kindle Edition: 607 pages

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Finalist for the Planeta Prize, the most valuable literary award after the Nobel Prize for Literature (€601,000 / $700,000)

"Best Historical Thriller 2013."—novelas-historicas

The venerable philosopher Pythagoras, one of the most powerful political figures of his time, is preparing to name a successor from among his grand masters when a string of murders rocks the Pythagorean community. The killings, each more baffling and unpredictable than the last, gradually unveil the workings of a dark and powerful mind, more formidable than that of Pythagoras himself.

Egyptian investigator Akenon and the enigmatic Ariadne work to identify the murderer while at the same time coming to terms with their own tumultuous relationship. The challenge they face is one in which the ghosts of the past are interwoven with the sinister threats of the present: a challenge from which it seems impossible they will escape alive.

Killing Pythagoras, based on real-life historical events, will plunge readers into an apparently unsolvable mystery. Readers will unearth cryptic clues and come face to face with some of the most unnerving characters ever to appear in the pages of fiction: Glaucus the Sybarite, the gruesome Boreas, the vengeful Cylon, and above all, the mysterious stranger who wields his prodigious capabilities to sow death.

“Crime, mystery, and romance in a fast-paced action novel.”—Historia National Geographic

“Maximum excitement and fun; [the author] achieves a compelling mix of strong elements.”—Onda Cero Radio

“A fast-paced historical thriller that transports us to the cradle of civilization among intrigues and passion.”—La Vanguardia

“An edge-of-your-seat narrative driven by suspenseful action, it succeeds in creating a tense atmosphere in the face of the deadly threat that attempts to destroy the main characters.”—Qué Leer

“A supremely interesting novel that surprised and hooked me, by an author who expertly juggles the tension and suspense up to the last second. Highly recommended.”—Leer es Viajar

“…it has all the ingredients necessary in a book to hook you: crime, mystery, love, action… I loved it!”—Marianleemaslibros

“The meticulous detail with which the era is recreated gives the novel incredible realism… While the novel is fast-moving from the beginning, the pace accelerates even more toward the end, creating an action-packed finish.”—Adivina Quién Lee

“The novel hooks you from the first page to the last. The plot is so intricately woven it’s hard to put down once you begin.”—Al Rico Libro

Price reduced for a limited time!

About the Author

Marcos Chicot has won many literary prizes, including the Francisco Umbral Prize for a Novel and the Rotary Club International Literary Award for a Novel. He was also a finalist for the Max Aub Award, the Juan Pablo Forner Prize, the Ciudad de Badajoz Award and the Planeta Prize.
His novels include Killing Pythagoras, the best-selling ebook of 2013 in the Spanish-speaking world; Lord of Minds (2014); and Diario de Gordon (awarded the Francisco Umbral Prize for a Novel).
He donates 10% of the proceeds from his books to NGOs for people with disabilities.
In 2009, his life changed radically. The result of that change was Killing Pythagoras. You can learn more about The story behind the novel at:

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