Neuroscience: The Influential Leader
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Neuroscience: The Influential Leader

by Rebel Brown
Kindle Edition
Publisher: Cognoscenti

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Learn how to apply Neuroscience in business management and other types of leadership! Your mind didn’t come with a manual, which is why human thinking and behavior can be so darned confusing.

Now you can have this Pocket Guide to Your Mind, with explanations about what makes humans tick! A Guide that answered questions including; why intelligent people make illogical decisions, why we avoid change, why we like some people in an instant and dislike others just as quickly, why we so like patterns and habits, and why a seemingly simple communication can be so misunderstood?

The Influential Leader is just that Guide. A guide that shares the intricacies of how we think, decide and behave based on the powerful discoveries of neuroscience, the study of the technology of our minds.

The Influential Leader delivers a simple yet powerful guide to our human minds, as well as proven techniques to positively influence our minds. Written for leaders, the manual applies in business, education, non-profits and life in general. Yes, we can all create excellence using the techniques in The Influential Leader with our own minds!

The Influential Leader shares the technology of our minds in straightforward and immediately usable techniques. Imagine understanding:

• How our conscious and unconscious minds really work, and how we can influence our minds to create excellence in everything we do.
• The power of our mindware programs, the software that literally creates our reality, and how to change your mindware to shift into your ultimate potential.
• What motivates different individuals, and how to determine the best way to positively influence every member of your team, and yourself.
• How to create successful change, leading your teams into innovative new ways of thinking and doing.
• How to communicate with clarity to each individual, in a way that you know will be heard and understood.
• And so much more.

Inside The Influential Leader

• First, you’ll learn how your human mind really works thank to the latest discoveries in neuroscience. Be prepared to throw your beliefs about how you think, make decisions and act into the wind.

• Then, you’ll learn how human instincts and unconscious mindware programs (think the software that runs your brain) dramatically impact our business strategy, decisions and processes. Then you’ll learn how to lead around these instinctual and unconscious mindware programs to fuel team motivation and performance. Be prepared to shift the way you think and act as a leader.

• Finally, you’ll learn about the fundamental mindware programs that drive each and every human. How to recognize these programs in action, how to apply that information to select the right people for the right roles, create the perfect work environment for every person in your organization, motivate individuals effectively and generally fuel overall job satisfaction and performance. Be ready to understand more about your teams than ever before. To influence and empower them to step into their ultimate potential.

Neuroscience gives us each the knowledge and techniques to become truly influential leaders.

The Influential Leader is your guide to harness the power of your mind to create excellence – in business and in life. Apply the techniques in this book to yourself and your leadership. The results will follow.

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