Your Perfect Diet: How to Customize Your Diet for Weight Loss and Great Health
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Your Perfect Diet: How to Customize Your Diet for Weight Loss and Great Health

by Ronald M Bazar
Kindle Edition: 186 pages
Publisher: Ronald M Bazar

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How Can One Diet Suit Everyone When We Are All So Different?

It can’t!

That is the major downfall of the diet crazes and diet gurus.

"Your Perfect Diet" shows you how those diets including the Paleo diet and the body type diet mislead and fail because they do not tend to your uniqueness nor solve your chronic health problems.

This book then reveals how to customize your diet to create your perfect health diet. It is not a body type diet method at all. They just don't work for everyone.

For most people, the problem with diets is that weight originally lost quickly comes back. But each time this happens, you feel worse and may gain even more weight than when you started. Nothing has changed your chronic weight or health condition.

If you are reading these words, no doubt you have tried all kinds of diet and health plans, yet success has eluded you. In fact, over 90% of weight loss diets fail to produce results that last over the long term.

Your head could swim from all the conflicting health information and diet recommendations, the super slick “healthy” food ads and health marketing materials for the latest miracle supplement you must have, and from the doctors and diet gurus who have “the” answer for you.

What Can I Eat?

• Stop red meat and dairy?
• Eat soy instead?
• Is healthy margarine better than butter?
• Low fat diet best?
• Or is high protein better?
• Carbs or not?
• Eggs OK?
• Coffee?
• Paleo diet for me?
• And many more conflicting answers from the “experts.”

How in the world are we to make sense of such eminent claims and "scientific" studies that very often contradict each other and leave you confused?

What is different about this book, and why should you pay any attention to what I have to say?

Can there really be a perfect diet for you?

And how in the world can this author make such a claim?

Great questions, and I encourage you to be very sceptical at all times.

I know there is a perfect diet for you.

If I can help you find that—and it will be unique for you—wouldn’t that be a major breakthrough?

I will build my case step by step so you can understand how you arrived at where you are today. I will then review many of the major diet trends and nutrition concepts and controversies. We will analyze them so you can understand their strengths and weaknesses. And then I will point you in the right direction based on very sound principles so that you can create your own unique perfect health diet.

I will teach you how to find what works for you, and it will be customized for your unique body. This is not a “body type” diet: they just don't work for most people, and the same goes for any prescribed diet the experts claim you should eat!


Because everyone is so unique and no one diet can work for everyone.

If you have tried and are reading this, you know that I speak the truth!

The only diet that works is the one that you can customize for yourself.

Ron will show you how to find your perfect diet and, when you do, you will know deep inside that it is right for you.


Ronald M. Bazar is the author of the ground-breaking book-
• Healthy Prostate: The Extensive Guide to Prevent and Heal Prostate Problems Including Prostate Cancer, BPH Enlarged Prostate and Prostatitis
• Prostate Health: Learn the 10 Amazing Functions of Your Prostate
• Do You Know the 10 Worst Foods for Your Prostate Health?
• Prostate Cancer Prevention Diet

He brings a unique perspective not found anywhere else, learned in the trenches of healing his extreme prostate condition. He suffered from complete urinary retention—the inability to pee—and was scheduled for emergency surgery, which he chose not to have.

His years of dedication and research to understanding wellness provide the special insights and breakthroughs in this book. Ron dispels many food myths and will inspire you to a le

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