Legendary Detective at the World's End (Book 1)
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Legendary Detective at the World's End (Book 1)

by Kaye Wagner
Kindle Edition: 328 pages
Publisher: Pendown Publishing

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On a distant island in the far corner of a broken world, a young detective of unnatural talent sets out to unravel all the mysteries in the growing Metropolis of Teigen. No matter how insignificant or dangerous the riddles may be, detective Kirin boldly challenges them. And with every new bold challenge, comes a new adventure.

Discovering wild beast, interacting with strange technology, solving murders, catching thieves, dealing with criminal organizations, or confronting new and wild forms of government and monarchy—danger at every angle of discovery is all in a day’s work for this new world detective.

Story 1: A Tale With Two Endings
Story 2: A Day is a Lifetime
Story 3: An Empire and Its DJ

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