Brands Don't Grow on Trees - The Reverse Engineering of Successful Brands
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Brands Don't Grow on Trees - The Reverse Engineering of Successful Brands

by Ilse Strauss
Kindle Edition: 185 pages
Publisher: Ilse J Strauss

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You would only read this book if you are brazen enough to think your message has a right to be heard in the marketplace. And that means you need to take another look beneath the ice-berg because frankly - snappy branding just doesn’t cut it anymore.
Have you ever wondered what it takes for every part of your business to stay on brand? How many more times must you remind your team (and sometimes yourself) that going through the motions is not the same as delivering on the brand promise. Disappointing customers with generic service just because you have ‘other’ things to get done or increases in loss of market share because of a weak brand message. Or poor business structures that fail miserably to amplify your brand.
Suddenly you begin to notice that being a brand is more than just a clever logo and for the first time you realize that your business if failing your brand.
If only you knew how to prevent your business from ruining your brand.
You are certainly not alone. Most leaders, whether in small business, not for profit or private practice – wrongly attempt to understand first the science of business when instead they should concentrate on building an artful brand.
Brands Don’t Grow on Trees is a vibrant business conversation that unites two seemingly opposing forces - the art of a mission marketing approach with the science of managing a business.
This culminates in the 4 Pillars of the BrandCULTURE EQ framework which states that there is an intelligence required to successfully execute a brand focused business growth strategy.
Those 4 Pillars include 1) Customer Advocacy 2) Brand Development 3) Cultural Mapping and 4) Management Structures. And as a result this process unravels the riddle that afflicts passionate leaders -which is how do I integrate my brand message with my business - not just for today for days to come?

Brands Don’t Grow on Trees is written within the 4 sections of the BrandCULTURE EQ framework, and proposes the following:
1. Customer Advocacy says that before you undertake any strategic move in business you must first know and care about what your customers care about. To do this means as a leader you need to shift from a mindset that is product-orientated to one that is centered upon championing not just the wants or needs of your market but also the mission and the message that your market needs to hear.

2. Brand Development branding is just the tip of the ice-berg and the activity of branding does come close to what happens when you look beneath the ice-berg and start to develop your brand and connect your brand to your daily operations. Becoming a brand, whether on a local or global scale means you become more concerned with developing deep roots that are 100% aligned with brand message - that says we are here for a mission here for a purpose.

3. Cultural Mapping of all the species, humans are the only ones that ignore their instincts and activate the least amount of their senses. A bird can sense a change in weather signals and avoid perishing in a tsunami yet a boss fails to notice or take action when that staff member rolls their eyes when discussion on brand values is tabled at a meeting. Moving forward, mission leaders need to adopt a higher sensory awareness if they want to ensure that both the internal and external communication of their brand message remains positive.

4. Turnkey Structures For once and for all, if ever there was a good reason to finally get on top of implementing proper systems within your business all you need to do is take notice of the trillion-dollar global industry that is based upon selling a system. That industry is franchising. Franchising is known for building small businesses indicative of a strong brand and rock solid systems. And that very system that amplifies the brand.

But what is far more important is the thinking behind designing the system which is more about building a brand and not just building a business.

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