Dreams Claimed - Book 1 (Warfield's Landing)
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Dreams Claimed - Book 1 (Warfield's Landing)

by Adeara Allyne
Kindle Edition: 179 pages
Publisher: South Boundary Publishing

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Currently Available: Book 1 - Dreams Claimed, Book 2 - His Best Girls,
Book 3 - Liv for Love, COMING SOON - Book 3.5 - First Christmas in Warfield's Landing

Welcome to Warfield's Landing, a small and idyllic Maryland town, on the banks of the Susquehanna River. This is Book 1 in the Warfield's Landing Series.

A successful financial planner, Daniel Sterling has had a clear image of his ideal woman since the summer he was twelve, Now, at last, he sees her... on the Washington DC Metro  and, of course, she's traveling in the opposite direction.

Rising artist Nic Bannerman isn't looking for love. Then she meets Daniel. He has dimples and a charming Golden Retriever. Call her shallow, but she's willing to take a chance.

All too soon, outside events overtake them... her birth father's bad choices, his best friend's  personal issues, her escalating stalker... and other unexpected complications.

They're made for each other... if they can survive this.

READER ADVISORY - This book has a mid-range heat level, along with the occasional S-bomb and F-bomb, and a really sweet Golden Retriever!

This book is approximately 184 pages.

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