Leveraging the Power of your Thought (Fulfilling Life series Book 2)
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Leveraging the Power of your Thought (Fulfilling Life series Book 2)

by Eran Stern
Kindle Edition: 82 pages

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The ability of the human mind to solve problems is the strongest power in the world. The ability to think! In the following book you will discover a new way of thinking, unlike anything you have known before. A new approach to your thought process and your ability to fulfill anything you desire, by using the vast potential that exists in each and every one of us. The infinite potential to fulfill every worthy goal we have set for ourselves.
The human ability to think and create is the one that separates us from animals. We have an endless potential to create anything with the power of our thought, and bring it to fruition with our creativity. Our intellectual faculties are those who operate this intricate system of thoughts and emotions. This book will expose you to the operating manual of that system, a system that works according to certain laws, and with its help we have the ability to “push the right buttons” and produce anything we desire.
You are in a certain environment all your life: your family, close and far relatives, the educational system, your residence, your community, your work, etc. You are in a certain surrounding while you drive, wait in a line, or shop for the holidays. You are always in some kind of environment and you are constantly influenced by it, influence you are not always aware of, which enters your mind without notice, without control. In fact, a substantial part of your thoughts, beliefs and understandings that propel you to act are not yours. You have inherited them or got them from your surroundings.
This book will reveal a new awareness as to the influence your environment has on you, on your thoughts and therefore your actions. You will meet your abilities to change, influence, and overcome those influences so you can reach your desired results. All those will, of course, change your ability to grasp what’s possible for you in any area of your life.
All our habits were created by us, consciously or not. That is why we can mold them anew every time. In the book ahead you will be introduced with your habits, those who are in tune with your current vibrations and those who don’t fit anymore. Following we will find out what is the full process to designing and creating a new habit.
To your success!

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