The Easy Way to Write Thrillers That Sell
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The Easy Way to Write Thrillers That Sell

by Rob Parnell
Kindle Edition: 137 pages
Publisher: R&R Books Film Music

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When it comes to the bestseller lists, one particular genre stands tall. So much so, it’s probably seen as the most ‘respectable’.

It is, of course, the thriller.

Not only do thrillers make authors and their publishers very rich, they also make the most money in terms of film and TV rights, generating vast revenues worldwide.

Thrillers are also in hot demand for translation, serial and resell rights. Authoring a series of thrillers can literally catapult your career and your earning potential to the stars!

These days this is true even if you decide to self publish with Amazon. On any one day, a large number of Kindle bestsellers are fiction thrillers by independent authors! (Take a look at today's fiction top 100!)

But when it comes to traditional publishing, just look at the success of Dan Brown, Matthew Reilly, John Grisham, Jeffrey Deaver, Lee Child, James Patterson, Patricia Cornwell, Kathy Reichs, Richard North Patterson, Jonathan Kellerman, Michael Crichton, Sue Grafton, Sara Peretsky - the list goes on and on - all of these authors make a very respectable living crafting taut, psychological suspense fiction.

Wouldn’t you like to emulate the success of these writers?

Sure you would!

Now you can, the easy way. Welcome to: "The Easy Way to Write Thrillers That Sell"

Written by Rob Parnell - Kindle bestselling author - and "the world's foremost writing guru" - this new and fully up-to-date resource takes you through the critical basics of writing modern thrillers for publication.

From creating classic heroes and heroines, unforgettable villains, through research and plotting story, handling action, and building suspense into great denouements, to style, tone, credibility, etc, etc – in fact everything you might need to start a career in this exciting arena of commercial storytelling.

Whether you want to submit thriller submissions to traditional publishers or go it alone and create popular self published novels on line, this resource is most definitely for you.

Here’s a brief outline of the contents:

* Introduction: The Thriller: Form and Function - an analysis of the genre, its history and place in our culture, including a comprehensive overview of sub-genres.

* Lesson One: Imagining Classic Characters - your key to success. We explore how to create and develop believable personalities that will stand the test of time.

* Lesson Two: Effective Research - including easy, no cost ways to give your fiction total veracity – from info and advice on police procedure, to medical trauma, the law, corporate structure, weaponry and technology.

* Lesson Three: Backward Plotting – the secret to stretching the fictional envelope, and keeping those twists turning ever tighter.

* Lesson Four: Sex, Guns and Vitriol - how a stirring mix of ingredients can mark you out as a writer of originality and panache.

* Lesson Five: Outwitting the Foe - how set-up and preparation are essential to convincing resolutions, plus how to use false clues and secondary characters to intriguing effect.

* Lesson Six: Serialization - how to make your bestsellers run and run. Little known tactics for ensuring readers (and publishers!) clamor to buy your next book.

All this plus lots of useful exercises, writing advice and guidance that will build your raw ideas into a credible and compelling story in no time at all!

By absorbing this information, you will be able to create a complete template for a stunning piece of novel length fiction and gain a solid grounding in the requirements of this fabulous genre.

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