Personal Development Classics: 21 Amazing Books To Build Success Habits & Transform Your Life (Personal MBA Series)
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Personal Development Classics: 21 Amazing Books To Build Success Habits & Transform Your Life (Personal MBA Series)

by Kanth Miriyala
Kindle Edition: 245 pages
Publisher: Qikest, A Gyantra Imprint

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The Best Personal Development and Business Books If You Want to Be Successful

Updated with Key Takeaways for each of these personal development and business classics based on readers' feedback.

BONUS: The book now includes three of the all time classics - As A Man Thinketh, The Go Getter and Acres of Diamonds.

I Have worked with, advised and observed many successful people during my years as management consultant, Entrepreneur and Investor. I have learnt a lot from them. They all had what I call Success Habits – habits that help you become successful.

But I also noticed that they did not invent anything new when it came to these Success Habits – they learned about them from great books and applied them in their lives. I am a voracious reader so it was natural that I would immediately buy and read many of these books. Some of these are personal development books while some are business books. But they all have one thing in common – they are focused on finding what it takes to be successful.

Over the years, I have applied, with various degrees of success, many of these tools, techniques and principles. Some of them had profound effect on my life and were critical in my success. But many of these so called self help, personal development or success books were either too complex to follow or were just hogwash. I wasted a lot of time reading and applying stuff that ultimately turned out to be useless. That was my inspiration to write this book. I want to make sure that you make the most of your time and resources by reading and learning from the right books. I am calling them Personal Development Classics for lack of a better term.

I started with a really large list of books and worked my way through, keeping the ones which had a transformational impact on me. I finally ended with a list of 21 books that will transform your life. It includes timeless classics like As A Man Thinketh as well as modern business classics like The Black Swan. I have included a short review of each book. You will learn what is there in each of these books and how I applied it to my life.

This is a nugget or a book that is small in size and high in value. This book is not meant for you if you are looking for a 200 page tome filled with pages after pages of text. This is an illustrated book and has 50 pages. Half of these are images and the other half are easy to read and follow text pages. It is meant for people who want books that are fast and easy to read and who would otherwise not read a long and complex book. If you are the kind that measures the value of a book by the number of minutes it takes to read it (i.e., the longer the book the more satisfied you are) or the number of pages it has (again, the more pages a book has, the more valuable you consider it to be), then STOP. This is not for you.

This is for you if you want to read a book quickly and get huge value by:

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