12 Steps to Career Freedom (Book #2) A Necessary Career Planning Guide for Prospering in Today's Job Market (Career & Job Development Series)
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12 Steps to Career Freedom (Book #2) A Necessary Career Planning Guide for Prospering in Today's Job Market (Career & Job Development Series)

by Paul Rega
Kindle Edition: 80 pages
Publisher: DeepBlue

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Top 100 Amazon Bestselling author Paul Rega presents the Career & Job Development series

How To Find A Job: When There Are No Jobs (Book 1) #1 in Careers #1 Job Hunting #1 Resumes
12 Steps to Career Freedom (Book 2) #1 in Career Guides #1 Job Hunting #1 Resumes #2 Personal Success & Spirituality 

Nationally recognized Executive Recruiter, Paul Rega, #1 bestselling author of, HOW TO FIND A JOB: WHEN THERE ARE NO JOBS, introduces a revolutionary new concept in career management and personal development. This is an outstanding inspirational guide on how to never give up on your dreams and pursue your chosen career path. Paul introduces his unique career-planning program called, Intuitive Personal Assessment (IPA)

Praise for the CAREER & JOB DEVELOPMENT series

"Paul Rega's book offers a clear, user-friendly approach to looking for work in tough economic times and difficult personal circumstances." --Clahain

"In this bold, practical and insightful book, Rega adopts a no-hold's bar approach to putting your career and with it, your life, back on track." --JJ Collins

"This book is a definite must have for anyone that is unemployed, trying to find their way through or after college or just making a career change." --Melanie Ouellette

"....many successful people say they got to where they are with hard work. Paul has shown what hard work is in this book." --Justin Dukes

Utilizing his business experience as an executive recruiter since 1984, Paul has developed a unique twelve-step career self-assessment and goal setting process. The twelve-step program will guide you through the discovery and implementation of your desired career path. The IPA program utilizes your intuition and incorporates your ideas, skills, interests, values, and life experiences to determine your career path.

The goal-setting segment of IPA focuses on the principle of establishing and maintaining balance in all of life's seven components, including: Health, Family, Knowledge, Relationships, Spiritual, Financial, and Career. Balance is the key to life's longevity. By achieving balance in your life, your career will prosper. Setting goals and taking action to achieve them as they relate to the components of the IPA process will enable you to visualize and accomplish your career objectives.

If you want to change careers or are simply looking for a new job, this informative manual takes you through a methodical, step-by-step process to help you determine your true career path. Take action today and download this book. It will alter your approach to career planning and possibly change your life.

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