How to Create $1600 per Month Niche Websites for Passive Income
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How to Create $1600 per Month Niche Websites for Passive Income

by Alex Hedley
Kindle Edition: 31 pages

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How Would You Like to Earn Thousands of Dollars Every Month from Doing Absolutely Nothing?

Sounds Good, Right?
In this book, you will learn my personal secrets to building niche websites that earn me as much as $1600 per month, EACH, from selecting your niche to building your website, to using my unheard of White Hat method to blast your site to the first page of Google in as little as one week. Whether you're completely new to internet marketing or a seasoned veteran, this guide will show you every step of the way along with pictures and tips, leaving nothing out, and is the exact system that I use for my websites that earn thousands of dollars every month straight to my PayPal and Amazon accounts.
Who Am I?
I am an internet marketer that personally runs and owns multiple websites in my spare time that earn me from $126 to $1631 every month per website all in my spare time (while being a student full time).
What Do I Need to Use This Method?
To use this method you will need: A solid work ethic and at least 15 minutes every day to put towards this system and to invest in your website. You will also need approximately $30 to get your website started, to cover hosting costs, and a domain name (note that this method can be applied to ranking and making money from websites you already own!)
Is This Method Spammy, Black Hat or Does It Use Any Methods that Are Illegal or Against Any Websites Terms and Conditions?
No. This method is completely White Hat and the methods used to rank your websites on Google do not involve buying links, using spam, or software to automate your SEO. This method is doing exactly what Google wants you to do, just doing it smart by planning it so you can maximize the reward and minimize your effort as well as automating some procedures.
Can I Outsource This Method?
Absolutely! I always recommend getting a feel for the method by doing it yourself first (and that applies to any guide or method) but once you start making money from your own sites you can reinvest that money in your business by hiring someone to do the work for you, while you collect the profits!
So, what are you waiting for? Get this guide today, and if you're not completely satisfied or don't like it for any reason just request a refund within 7 days and you will receive a full refund.

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