The Big Secret to Turning Huge Bundles of 'Junk' into Solitary Treasures on eBay
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The Big Secret to Turning Huge Bundles of 'Junk' into Solitary Treasures on eBay

by Avril Harper
Kindle Edition: 57 pages
Publisher: Meander Press

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I never thought I’d write a book about this business, mainly because it’s so uniquely profitable with very little competition to speak of, and it never fails to bring home the cash. Better than this, it’s never going to go out of fashion, so the fewer people who know about it the better!

So why would I want to share my market with anyone else?

It’s because I’ve discovered so many very profitable avenues within this overall opportunity that even the biggest surge in competition will make no difference at all to my overall profits.

So I reckon I may as well do you a great kindness and share this business with you.

What you read about today is a business I’ve operated for more than forty years; it needs no special skills and no real experience or capital investment.

This business works incredibly well for me and it will work just as well for you, and you really can grow a full-time business, starting today, based on an investment of just a few hundred dollars - or pounds or euros, or other country currency - because this business works just as well no matter where in the world you happen to live or work.

But here’s the part that may not sit too well with many people ….. and this is the reason you’ll face very little competition for what you do ….. you are expected to put some effort into the business, you might have to work several hours a day sometimes ….. it won’t be hard work, but it will be work ….. but that work will always be in your own chosen time, at your own preferred speed, and you’ll be your own boss and you will never have to run your life according to some other person’s rules and regulations!!!!

If that sounds good to you, read on! If the thought of a little work upsets you, I recommend you stop reading now!

If you’ve decided to continue reading because you don’t mind a little work, then I’ll tell you right up front this business is all about selling on eBay, even though it could just as easily be operated on dozens of other websites.


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Deciding What to Buy

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