10 Minute Meditation for Deep Relaxation (Mind Body and Soul Wellness Series Book 2)
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10 Minute Meditation for Deep Relaxation (Mind Body and Soul Wellness Series Book 2)

by Dr. Alka Khurana
Kindle Edition: 77 pages
Publisher: Dr. Alka Khurana

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Meditation practice helps us to completely relax our body as well as mind and just experience the present moment with complete awareness. When we are in such state all thoughts cease to exist as in our deep sleep and we are totally aware of our self as in the waking state. In the beginning, we have to make some effort to get into such state because we have to recondition our mind to get into this natural state of being.
This book is aimed at the beginner’s meditation practice and answers the most important questions about their practice. Based on my extensive experience as a meditation practitioner as well as teacher, I have listed the most effective and easy to follow techniques in this book. It will help everyone, irrespective of their experience in the meditation practice. The powerful techniques explained in the book, help the practitioners to meditate effortlessly and enjoy their practice everyday.
I wish that everyone makes meditation practice a core part of their daily lifestyle. The daily meditation practice generates positive vibrations which stay with us all the time, and as we practice more they keep compounding like the snowball effect. Love, peace, compassion and calmness become our nature. We never get overwhelmed in face of challenging situations. Life becomes more enjoyable and fulfilling. We are able to discover the Pure Love and Joy within us and express the essence of Divine in all our actions.

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