The Girl From Tenerife
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The Girl From Tenerife

by Bernard Schaffer
Kindle Edition: 340 pages
Publisher: Dia de Los Toros Publications

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From the first page, readers are told, "None of what you are about to read is true." Over the course of the story, it becomes increasingly clear that The Girl From Tenerife screams with truths about love, loss, and literature.
The narrator, swearing that he is not to be trusted, proceeds to unburden himself about the woman he craves, the children he's raising, and the books he feels compelled to write.

This rich novel is filled with images of bull-fighting, the ghost of Ernest Hemingway, and the most captivating, alluring woman in recent literature. The Girl From Tenerife is "Quite a feat," (Goodreads) and a "Real romance, a bittersweet, heartbreaking romance that just happened to be wrapped up in a story about a writer trying to be a writer. Very nicely done, more than a few well-turned descriptives, and despite an assertion to the contrary, with more than a ring of truth to it" (Goodreads).

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