The Girl From Tenerife
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The Girl From Tenerife

by Bernard Schaffer
Kindle Edition: 342 pages
Publisher: Dia de Los Toros Publications

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An ode to love, loss, and literature

"None of what you are about to read is true," are the first words of The Girl From Tenerife, but the outpouring of raw emotion that follows gives readers good reason to suspect differently.
A struggling author falls in love with a mysterious woman, and is inspired to push himself further than he ever thought possible.
From the moment he sees her, he is deep in love. It's her accent, and her gentle laugh, and her lightly-bronzed skin that has been kissed by the sun of distant Spanish beaches. She is a woman worth chasing. A woman worth winning, no matter what the risk. And above all else, a woman worth writing about.
Filled with nods to literary greats, including the ghost of Ernest Hemingway, who carries his heavyweight championship belt draped over his shoulder, mocking all. The Girl From Tenerife will show you what it means to love, and it will show you what it means to write.

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