Write an eBook in 14 Days
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Write an eBook in 14 Days

by Terry Heath
Kindle Edition: 47 pages

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"He delivered on his promise. I have three books in print and another well on its way, so I have read a lot on how to write, edit, publish and market a book. This was the most concise piece, and the most helpful I have seen."

"Great concept and examples to get started. Just what I needed- to look at writing an ebook from a simplified, well defined approach."

You're About to Learn a Writing Secret So Controversial Your English Teacher Probably Refused to Tell You

Many books claim you can write an ebook quickly, but this one actually shows you how. Others just say to spend X number of days writing, and they wish you luck, but this book teaches you a method of writing that can actually make it happen. You'll learn a way to lay out what you have to say that makes writing an ebook as easy as connecting the dots.

Some readers have bought copies for their high school and college students to teach them how to write essays and research papers!

Ebook publishing has been a mainstay of Internet Marketing for years. If it’s given away to build an email list or in the hopes of going viral and driving traffic to your website, or even if it’s sold as a stand-alone information product, ebooks have proven their worth time and time again.

Now with the explosive growth of Kindle, electronic publishing has created even more opportunities to write an ebook that sells hundreds or even thousands of copies.

However, it takes time to write an ebook, at least to write a quality ebook, time the average person either doesn’t have or doesn’t want to spend.

As a college English teacher, each year I show hundreds of Freshman composition students a method for writing their essays and research papers quickly, efficiently, and with strong organization.

With so much need for an efficient way to write an ebook for Kindle publishing or for Internet Marketing, it made sense to compile what I teach into a simple and effective method for writing an ebook faster than you have ever imagined. With this training at your disposal, you can finally complete that ebook you’ve dreamed about.

If you know something about a topic, or are willing to do your own research and learn about that topic, then this is a technique that will teach you to produce a strong ebook on a topic that people will actually buy.

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