Mastering the Business of Writing: How To Earn a Full-Time Living as a Writer (Writing Success Guidebooks Book 1)
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Mastering the Business of Writing: How To Earn a Full-Time Living as a Writer (Writing Success Guidebooks Book 1)

by Jason Brick
Kindle Edition: 128 pages
Publisher: TCK Publishing

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The Proven System for Earning a Full-Time Income as a Writer

I Believe Every Writer Can Earn a Full Time Income Using These Principles for Success

If you want to live the lifestyle of your dreams as a writer and author, you must read this book! Learn how to:

Go From Part-Time Pay To Full-Time Income and Steady Work

To paraphrase Jarod Kintz, if you're working part-time as a writer, that means you're unemployed (and not getting paid) part-time. In this book, you'll learn the step-by-step strategies you need to take back your time and your financial well-being and get better paying, steady work as a writer and author.

Create Your Strategic Plan for Becoming a Highly Paid Writer

Without a proven strategy for success, most writers are just playing pin the tail on the donkey blindfolded. Mastering the Business of Writing will help you take off the blindfold and create a long-term strategy for success that will help you earn more and earn faster as a writer and author.

Understanding the Financial Keys to Success as a Writer

Without a clear understanding of financial numbers that determine your success and income as a writer, you're missing out on the crucial information you need to make good decisions! When you master your finances, your client list will grow and so will your income.

The No-Fuss High-Return Marketing System for Writers

I'm going to share with you my personal marketing system that has helped me earn an incredible income as a professional writer working from home. You too can go to work in your PJ's and earn more than most traders on Wall St.

How To Create Multiple Income Streams

As a professional writer, you must have multiple income streams to succeed today. If you rely on only one client or one book for your paycheck, you're at risk of losing everything! Instead, you'll learn how to develop multiple income streams that will keep your bank account flush with cash and you'll be able to write to your heart's content.

About The Author

Jason’s favorite part of writing professionally is getting to do his job wherever he wants, whenever he wants. It lets him be the kind of dad and husband his family deserves. He has written over 5,000 articles for print and online publications, and speaks nationally to businesses about writing, and to writers about business. He works internationally coaching writers in various fields on how to have as much fun with their writing as he has with his.

When not writing, Jason practices martial arts, plays tabletop games and works hard at spoiling his wife and kids. He also writes fiction under the pseudonym Jake F. Simons.

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