Putting 'The Boot' On The Other Foot:  Successfully Project Managing Yourself Out of Redundancy
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Putting 'The Boot' On The Other Foot: Successfully Project Managing Yourself Out of Redundancy

by Jason Scott Oakes
Kindle Edition: 51 pages

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Anyone who has ever been made redundant will resonate with the devastation it can cause. Suddenly your life turns upside-down. Everything you thought you could rely on has vanished - along with your salary! How to pay the mortgage? The bills? Buy food? Just survive...!

Redundancy can make most of us hit depths of despair we've never felt before. And worse than this - the emotional turmoil is simply not conducive to planning our future realistically. When you're flung into the turbulence of emotions, with your lifeboat long since departed, then taking a cool calm look at planning your future, is incredibly difficult.

Fortunately in this little ebook there are all the tools you need to not only get through redundancy, but to go far beyond that, into using your redundancy as a springboard to create your *ideal successful future life*.

The book is short, to the point, but action packed. Full of valuable exercises to bring you back down to reality. You'll discover how this is truly about putting the boot on the other foot - as you can grasp the opportunities that redundancy has offered, create and plan your future, and start to create and enjoy the lifestyle you've always wanted.

About the author:

Jason Oakes has an extensive background in change, programme and project Management spanning the Royal Air Force, Banking and Financial Services, Telecoms, Utilities, and Social Housing sector. He has lived through many iterations of ‘redundancy programmes’ during his career in Corporate Organisations; both from the perspective of having to make people redundant as well as being given the ‘boot’ himself in 2003.

He has used his acquired knowledge, tools, techniques and skills in Change to direct his career and put ‘the boot’ on the other foot to successfully manage himself out of redundancy. As a mentor and coach he has worked with others to define a new direction for their life and ‘make things happen’.

"Throughout my life I have always tried to help others who face challenges in either their work or life in general by using the knowledge and experience I have been able to accumulate over twenty years. When I was going through the redundancy process it became obvious to me that the tools and techniques I used to manage a project were equally applicable to manage the change occurring in my life. I hope this book will help people with similar challenges to be all that they can be.”

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