SALMON a cookbook
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SALMON a cookbook

by Colin Simpson
Kindle Edition: 120 pages
Publisher: Cape Neddick Cookbooks

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June 2015 - NEW EXTENDED EDITION - Print and Kindle

Excellent Reviews:
“I've tried more than a few recipes from this book and am amazed at how delicious the dishes turn out each time. The recipes are very easy to follow, but the flavors are immaculate. Kids will love the salmon tacos, while adults will find the salmon quiche mouthwatering.” - Dudlyringo NEW HAMPSHIRE

Colin's book was really eye-opening to how creative you can get with salmon recipes! It always amazes me to find authors who can take simple foods that we normally overlook - and make them tasty in a new and refreshing way!." - Ryan USA

“We made the salmon chowder recipe last night, it was full on flavor, and very easy to make. For the main course we cooked the salmon, leek, zucchini with carrots - very easy, wrapped in foil, and cooked in oven for 20 minutes. It came out perfect and full of flavor too. Excellent book with great recipes, highly recommended.” - Mike MAINE

"I absolutely LOVE salmon. It's by far probably one of my favorite foods in the whole world! Also it has lots of amazing omega fatty acids and great things in the salmon that are good for your body. The beauty of this book is that it covers all the amazing ways to cook this amazing fish so you will NEVER get bored of eating this healthy and delicious meal. My favorite recipe is the cedar-planked lemon wine salmon it's mouth watering!." Norris USA

“So many cookbooks I used to own ended up in bottom of the cupboard never to see the light of day again. Or in this day and age never looked at again on the kindle. This one is great and so helpful when I had to impress at a dinner party. Will be looking forward to more from this author.” - Daisy UK

People new to Salmon are often surprised at what you can do with this delicious tasting fish. My love of Salmon began over 25 years ago at my first job as a cook; my Salmon Chowder became an instant hit. That recipe still gets great reviews from everyone who tries it. For many years I have shared Salmon recipes with family and friends and I am always asked for more. It really is a great compliment. I wrote this cookbook to share many of my favorite Salmon recipes with you. These great tasting recipes are diverse and simple. It is my hope to encourage you to cook Salmon more often for a healthier you. - Colin Simpson.

Colin is a professional cook and former restaurateur who resides on the beautiful coast of southern Maine in New England, famous for its seafood. Colin quickly became known for his many Salmon dishes. Salmon Chowder and Salmon Quiche were the most favorite dishes for brunch and dinner.

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