Winning with Reputation: 12 Key Strategies to a Stellar Online Reputation
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Winning with Reputation: 12 Key Strategies to a Stellar Online Reputation

by Jeff Smith, Jeffery Cepuran, Syd Michael, Iouri Baltchougov, S. Winter Saimond, Ryan Flanagan
Kindle Edition: 103 pages

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Make no mistake … the landscape of local business has become far more social and far more transparent in the last few years. As a result, competing successfully at the local level will require you to establish, guard and market your reputation with nothing less than ferocious intent.

You’ll either get a reputation marketing strategy now or you’ll work to catch up because your competitors will force your hand. If times are tough now, they’ll only get tougher if you let this slide.

For the proactive local entrepreneur, this is an opportunity to leverage a competitive advantage like no other.

Reputation marketing is the newest, most powerful marketing strategy for your local business, period.

This book is for the local business owner who struggles with getting more clients and it’s also for the local business owner who’s doing well and wants to take their business to the next level.

We hate fluff so we’ve done our best to trim off all the fat and give you solid content. Content that will show you the path of least resistance for taking your business to greater heights of success.

It’s for you, the entrepreneur who isn’t interested in getting a marketing degree yet wants to understand critical trends that are impacting local business right now.

Within these pages, we’ll be building a case, piece by piece, that your online reputation is - without a doubt - your most critical “asset” ever. You’ll also find us making the case that reputation marketing is, hands down, your most important marketing strategy.

You’ll discover:
• How critical your online reputation actually is
• What exactly reputation marketing is
• How to establish a profitable online reputation
• How to protect and build that reputation into a turbo charged referral engine for your business

You’ll learn exactly how the local business landscape has changed dramatically and why your success hinges on how you respond to this profound change in the marketplace.

You’ll learn exactly why reputation marketing is now essential for your local business. Here we’ll put everything into perspective and give you the clarity you need to move forward profitably.

You’ll learn modern reputation marketing tactics and best practices so you can become a powerhouse player in your local market.

Co-authored by local marketing experts, Jeffery Cepuran, Syd Michael
Iouri Baltchougov, S. Winter Saimond, Ryan Flanagan and Jeff Smith.

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