People Skills For Business: Winning Social Skills That Put You Ahead Of The Competition
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People Skills For Business: Winning Social Skills That Put You Ahead Of The Competition

by Melissa Contreras
Kindle Edition: 78 pages

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Without the right people skills it's near impossible to run a successful company. With them, you can't help but succeed.

How are your people skills? Are you able to negotiate a contract with confidence? When a conflict breaks out in your business, do you know what to do?

People are more likely to do business with you if they like you

It's a fact: Building rapport and honing your communication skills can make you a better manager, team leader and business partner in the eyes of others.

Do you need to improve your social skills?

Are you shy at work? Do people tell you you just don't listen? Are you unable to handle difficulat conversations? Do know how to manage difficult people? Are you unsure about the best negotiating tactics?

You may think you are an effective problem solver, a critical-thinker and an all-around smart person, but, understand this: if your interpersonal skills are lacking your business and your career will only go so far.

"People Skills for Business" offers a practical guide to improve the way you relate to others

In this short and straight-to-the point guide, Melissa Contreras - MBA and online entrepreneur -, packs effective and actionable tips that you can take NOW to improve your work relationships and business skills. 

What You Will Learn In This Book:

Here's What Others Are Saying

"This book is like having your own business coach."

"This book seems to have been tailor made to my needs as I have been looking for effective ways of handling my internal customers."

"I find this SO helpful and I hope you continue to educate people on effective communication."

"Such an interesting approach to various situations, easy reading and helpful tips"

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This book will not only give you a good understanding of why these skills are important for your business, but also what to do NOW to master them.

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