Secrets of the Six Figure Author: Mastering the Inner Game of Writing, Publishing and Marketing Books (Six-Figure Author Series Book 1)
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Secrets of the Six Figure Author: Mastering the Inner Game of Writing, Publishing and Marketing Books (Six-Figure Author Series Book 1)

by Tom Corson-Knowles
Kindle Edition: 128 pages
Publisher: TCK Publishing

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*** This Second Edition Has Been Updated and Revised January 3, 2015 ***

Secrets of the Six-Figure Author Reveals a Proven Plan for Achieving Success Today

I Believe Every Author Can Achieve Their Dreams Using These Principles for Success

If you want to live the lifestyle of your dreams as a writer and author, this book is for you. You're about to learn how to:

Demolish Every Obstacle In Your Way and Become a Bestselling Author

Whether you're a self-published author, traditionally published or just starting to write your first book, there are dozens of obstacles standing between you and six-figure success. Wouldn't it be helpful if you knew ahead of time what those obstacles were and how to overcome them quickly and easily?

In Secrets of the Six-Figure Author you will learn the 12 key obstacles every author must face and how to blast through them without breaking a sweat.

Riding the Wave of the Ebook Publishing Revolution

According to a recent study by Pricewaterhouse Coopers, by 2016 readers in the United States will spend more dollars on ebooks than on physical books! From 2013 to 2016, ebook sales will grow from $4 billion to over $10 billion while physical book sales will actually decrease!

If you're not taking advantage of the huge opportunity of publishing ebooks and earning a six-figure income, you're missing out! Discover how you can best position yourself for this huge wave of ebook success so that you too can become a #1 bestselling author and live the lifestyle of your dreams.

Never Before Seen Strategies for Success in the Ebook Publishing World

I'm going to share with you several brand new strategies for success that work like magic for ebook authors and publishers and how you can apply them tonight to start selling more books tomorrow!

The Ultimate Author Marketing Strategy for Selling Books

In this book, I reveal for the first time The Ultimate Author Marketing Strategy which virtually guarantees that your target readers and customers are buying your books and telling everyone they know about you. You'll learn how to become not only a bestselling author but a household name in your market, niche or genre by becoming the go-to author in your field with incredible online viral exposure and word of mouth marketing (and you don't need a big marketing budget to do it).

How To Improve Every Day and Create Long-Term Success

Can I be honest with you for a moment? Most authors never achieve the success they want in life because they let little things cheat them out of big opportunities. That's why you'll see authors today who complain about agents and publishers not responding to their queries while others are writing and publishing eBooks and making a small fortune!

When you buy this book, you're going to learn how to create your Daily Method of Operation (DMO) that will guarantee you get the most out of every single day so that you can write better books faster, get published quicker and start selling a lot more eBooks quickly.

After reading Secrets of the Six-Figure Author you'll never have an excuse again as to why you can't be the next great bestselling author in your field!

If you loved reading books like Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, Rich Dad Poor Dad, and Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, you'll love this book.

About The Author

My poetry was first published at age 16 in Teen Ink magazine and I started writing books at age 19 but had no idea how to get my message out to anyone other than my friends and family. Finally, I discovered Amazon's Kindle Publishing platform and published my first book on Kindle on February 10, 2012.

Since then, I've sold over 100,000 eBooks on Kindle and now earn a full-time income as an author. If I can do it you can too!

Learn how to become a Six-Figure Author today. Scroll up and click the buy now button.

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