The Gift of the Dragon
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The Gift of the Dragon

by Michael Murray
Kindle Edition: 288 pages
Publisher: Burnt River Press

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Shot and left for dead in the Columbia River, Alice Sangerman survived with only a fading memory of her friend being killed in front of her, and a silver necklace in the shape of a dragon.

In her search for answers she stumbles across a ruthless family guarding a revolutionary medical discovery they would do anything to keep for themselves. Caught up in a desperate chase to unlock the secret of the dragon necklace, she is hunted by the master assassin who killed her friend, the government, and a paramilitary force working for one of the world’s largest corporations, and she has no idea why.

Do you love Action and Adventure?

The Gift of the Dragon will keep you on the edge of your seat as Alice's enemies stalk her from the green wilds of Oregon to the azure waters of the Florida Keys.

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