How To Get A Job In Consulting
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How To Get A Job In Consulting

by Stephen Pidgeon
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The goal of this book is to help you get a job with a top management consulting company. Its primary audience is current and prospective MBA students, although it should also be very useful to anyone going through one of the other channels into consulting, including undergraduate recruiting and experienced hires.

Why should you listen to me (or buy this book)?

I believe I’m in a fairly unique situation that gives me a lot of insight into consulting recruiting. I’ve been through it as a student, a consultant, and now a career coach at Tuck, a top Business School.

First, I went through this as an MBA student. In the summer of 2005 I arrived at the Tuck School of Business with the aim of taking two years to think about my future. Shortly after I arrived, I found myself attending presentations from companies, talking to consultants at networking events, then visiting their offices in Boston. A couple of months after that I was drafting my cover letter and applying for summer internships. I was also practicing case interviews and rehearsing my ‘fit’ stories. In January, I interviewed with a number of companies and received a number of offers. I chose to join McKinsey & Company, first as a Summer Associate, and then as a full time Associate when I graduated.

At McKinsey, I sat on the other side of the table – now I was a consultant who chose to get involved in interviewing and recruiting activities. I attended recruiting events at Universities, spoke at presentations, met students at networking events, and made recommendations on who to interview. After a year as a consultant I was interviewer trained, and from then on I frequently gave interviews to candidates.

Now I work in the Career Development Office at Tuck (one of the World’s top business schools) where it’s my job to counsel students and help them get their dream consulting job. Each year I provide personal counseling and coaching to over a hundred students who are trying to get a job in consulting. Many of the students I’ve counseled are now working at top consulting companies like McKinsey, Bain and BCG or are headed there soon.

I also work closely with recruiters to help them achieve their goal of hiring the best candidates. Part of my job is to understand the nuances between firms, and to keep abreast of how each firm runs its recruiting and interviewing process. I do this by maintaining close relationships with both senior consultants and recruiting staff at each firm and regularly talking with them about these issues.

The goal of this book is to give candidates an in-depth, insider look at the entire process of recruiting, including how to get the most out of on-campus events, how to network, how to prepare for interviews, and how to succeed in interviews.

Quotes from successful candidates:

“It’s clear that Stephen has been on all sides of the consulting hiring process: applicant, recruiter, and adviser. The advice is usefully tactical—for example, where to sit during an info session—but explains enough of the recruiter’s perspective to help stay above “the game” that the process can become.”

“The book provides excellent advice to students trying to successfully navigate consulting recruiting, and reading it was like getting a private session from a knowledgeable coach.”

“How To Get A Job in Consulting was a constant reference for me during my summer internship search and took a lot of mystery out of the process.”

“I really wish I’d read this book before I arrived at B School.”

“There’s so much emphasis everywhere on case practice, but this book really goes beyond that – it gave me the insider’s guide to what the consulting recruiting process is really about.”

“I’m an undergrad, and I’ve used a lot of the other consulting prep resources. Stephen’s advice has been the most useful by far.”

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