Recipes for Kids: 51 Fun and Creative Dishes
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Recipes for Kids: 51 Fun and Creative Dishes

by Michael Holtby
Kindle Edition: 45 pages
Publisher: Roja Publishing

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Simple, Fun Recipes that the whole family can enjoy!

Cooking with you children can be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding activities that you can do as a parent. However, sometimes it’s difficult to find recipes that are “kid-friendly”. Nothing is worse than trying to bond with your children through cooking, only to discover the recipes are way too complicated for cooking with your kids. They can get bored easily and if the directions are too complicated, they may get overwhelmed – not the goal we are going for!

That is where this book comes in. These 51 recipes are easy for kids, fun for the whole family, and taste pretty darn good, too! They are simple, with fun names, easy ingredients, and clear step-by-step instructions.

We hope you’ll find them to be a great way to connect with your kids, to share some quality time together in the kitchen, get creative as a family, to help teach cooking techniques and healthy eating, and to create some of those life-long memories that you all will cherish for years to come!

So grab your kids, let them pick a new recipe to try, and have some fun!

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