Coconut Flour (25 Delicious, Easy To Make Coconut Flour Recipes - Perfect Treats For a Gluten Free, Paleo or Celiac Diet)
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Coconut Flour (25 Delicious, Easy To Make Coconut Flour Recipes - Perfect Treats For a Gluten Free, Paleo or Celiac Diet)

by Jamie Lawrence
Kindle Edition: 65 pages
Publisher: New Image Fitness Ltd

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This cookbook is an easy read, packed full of great info and a range of 25 tasty recipes you can make at home today.

Written by weight loss guru and nutritional expert Jamie Lawrence, this book will teach you all about coconut flour and how to use it in everyday cooking...

Enjoy your favourite baked food without the carbs - Coconut Flour Is The Answer

If you want to live a healthier, fitter and more energetic life then at some point you'll need to change the way you eat.

Starchy carbohydrates and processed sugary snacks are everywhere and the effects of the indulgencies of the past are plain to see when you look around the good people of America today.

Replacing these food staples is important, but can sometimes be a real challenge that leaves you feeling hungry and depirived and this is where coconut flour and other gluten free foods come in.

Coconut flour is an amazing food because...

* It's high in dietary fiber
* It helps to normalise and maintain steady blood sugar levels (low glycemic)
* It's completely gluten free
* It is higher in protein than most other flours

If you're looking for a gluten-free, non grain way to eat your favorite baked goods, using coconut flour is a healthy and delicious way to do it. It's a perfect alternative to grain based foods for anyone following the Paleo diet or that suffers from celiac disease etc. So the next time you need a treat, you've got it covered without ruining all your efforts.

You'll find this book is very easy to follow, with a section on the benefits of using coconut flour and some great tips to make cooking with it as easy as possible.

It’s not always easy to find paleo or gluten free recipes that are easy to make and taste good too. But with the recipes in this book, you've found the answer.

Here are just a few of the tasty coconut flour recipes you'll find inside...

Chocolate Almond Cookies
Banana-Blueberry Muffins
Double Chocolate Brownies

The recipes in this book are packed taste and are fun to make. Here's just a few more...

Honey Nut Biscuits
Banana & Walnut Bread
Lemon-Iced Drop Cookies

You could be making and enjoying these delicious coconut flour recipes in just a few minutes from now.

Simply scroll to the top right of this page and click on the buy now button to get started today!

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