How Can I Get Money?, What's That In Your Hand?
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How Can I Get Money?, What's That In Your Hand?

by Bill Sadler
Kindle Edition: 77 pages
Publisher: Bill Sadler

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An emotional roller coaster on the subject of personal finances. The book is written in an easy to read style, and pulls the reader into the story. It is my real life story, taking the reader on a journey of discovery as I go from shunning any sort of worldly wealth, to realising that we all need money. But how do we get it, especially when we do not want to have to sell all our time at a job. I was working fulltime in a voluntary capacity, so could not take on a job as well, yet I learned how to get money for my family on an ongoing basis.
You see a normal job ties up our time and our creativity, so we have to find other ways to create an income and over the years I have had absolutely no money at all, and then have gone on to create wealth, only to lose it all and start all over again. This book tells my story, my financial journey over the years. This is not a story of rags to riches, and it's not a story of someone born with some great advantage, or secret knowledge etc. I am just a normal guy, but as I have gone through life, I have discovered that there really is no such thing as "Job Security".

Therefore we must learn "How To Get Money?", for ourselves. In this book I will share with you how I started out with just $50, and took on a challenge to double that, and that challenge changed my life. I will go on to share with you many of the things I did to "Get Money" ​and then how I managed to lose it all, more than once, and each time how I started again using the exact same principles I share in this book.

Throughout the book I have used scriptural references, as I come from a Christian Background, and spent many years working as a volunteer in a Christian Organisation. However the book is not just for a Christian Audience, it is for everyone for all walks of life and all faiths

You see I know these principles work, because I use them every single day, and you can to, regardless of where in the world you live.

So get your copy of "What's That In Your Hand??? devour it and start making a difference in your life.

You will be glad you did, and can I encourage you, to get a copy for your Teenage Kids too. They need all the help they can get, as it's going to get a lot harder in the future, especially, if all the skills they have, is how to get a job. ​So do the kids a favor, get them to read this book, and set them up with a skill that will last a lifetime. A skill that will teach them "How to Get Money" rather than How to get a Job?

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