How Do I Get Married? 5 Relationship Mistakes Even Smart Women Make
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How Do I Get Married? 5 Relationship Mistakes Even Smart Women Make

by Susan Barrett
Kindle Edition: 64 pages
Publisher: Susan Barrett PhD

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"When are you getting married?", "Are you in a relationship yet?", "Do you have a boyfriend?", "Still single and alone?", "Isn't it time you settled down - you are not getting any younger you know!"

How many times have you heard your friends or relatives (especially your mother – and despite how old you are!) ask you one or more of these questions? Doesn't it really annoy you?

And how many times have you asked yourself "when am I going to get married ... for goodness sake!" Maybe you have secretly day dreamed about being married and meeting your soul mate?

You know, many of us want to find our perfect partner and settle down to a long, happy and loving life together. You might want to get married to the love of your life or you might simply be content with a committed relationship without marriage. Whatever hopes and dreams you have, the fact is that you are still single and alone - and you don't want to be!

All of us are unique with different histories and circumstances; maybe you have never been in a long term relationship or maybe you are divorced, separated or widowed ... but what we all have in common ladies is that we are wonderful, delicious and awesome!

We just need a little help in making our love relationships work. We don't need rules because every situation needs a unique solution, what we need are guidelines to lead us through the pot holes of our love relationships. Guidelines that actually work ... and without bending ourselves all out of shape to do them!

Have you ever thought that something must be wrong with you? Have you given up on love and marriage? Are relationships too complicated? Are you tired of heartache?

Well ladies there are 5 critical mistakes that we all seem to make time and time again. It doesn't matter the differences in our cultures, our professions or how much money we have. We can all be guilty of these relationship mistakes.

What you will find here:
- Easy and simple to follow guidelines to turn around your love relationships
- The self confidence to be successful in all your relationships
- The ability to know if you are in a REAL love relationship or just casually dating
- The knowledge to recognise your mistakes and fix your love relationships
- How to go about finding some authentic and effective boundaries
- How to understand men and their relationships
- Why you should stop chasing men!

If you follow these 5 Relationship Guidelines that Even Smart Women Make you will find that your relationships are so much easier! You will have the confidence to live your life in the knowledge that you have taken back your power; that you are in charge of your love relationships.

You will learn not to settle for second best and you will only accept the man who chases you down, because he can't imagine living without you in his life. You will learn that to accept or reject any man is your choice - you have the power in your love relationships.

I wish someone had handed me a book like this years ago. Instead, I have decades of experience in doing relationships the wrong way! So I decided to put pen to paper and write a book for all you beautiful ladies who want success in their relationships. These 5 Relationship Guidelines are those I have learnt works, and I hope they work for you as well - because you deserve to be one half of a loving couple with an awesome man who has your back.

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