Millionaire Mindset - Rich Think Differently (Make Money series)
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Millionaire Mindset - Rich Think Differently (Make Money series)

by Amit Eshet
Kindle Edition: 50 pages

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How is it that some people manage to get to financial freedom and wealth and some do not?

Is it just luck?

I’m a financial planner and meet with dozens of people every month.

Here is what I can say to you: It all starts with our thoughts, and our belief in success.

This book includes 30 common beliefs and phrases about the different point of view that rich people compared to others have,

each briefly explained and discussed.

I believe memorizing them, one each day for a month,

will help you internalize and understand that everything is in your hands and mind.

I’ll be happy if you find even a single sentence that will change your world view about wealth and fortune.

I covered in this book many areas with one common thread to all:

Wealth and fortune depend only on you and your thoughts.

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