Nifty Fifty State Facts for Fun! Book 2
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Nifty Fifty State Facts for Fun! Book 2

by Wyatt Michaels
Kindle Edition: 211 pages

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It’s time to take learning to a whole new level of entertainment. With the nifty fifty states quiz book, you’ll have the time of your life learning a wide variety of fascinating facts from all fifty states. For example, a few of the questions in this book include:

* What is the only state to ever turn down the Olympics?
* Which state has the only floating post office in the world?
* Which state holds the record rainfall total in 24 hours?

Geography games are rare, and games that aren’t on pictures on flashcards are even rarer. That’s why a nifty-fifty interactive book is such a great investment. There’s a treasure trove of facts and information in the book, all laid out in a perfect game format, so you can quiz friends and family when you’re bored, on a long trip, or just to see how much they know!

The game played via the book is very simple. Each question is multiple choice and has three possible answers, and if a player gets the answer wrong, they get a second chance. On certain questions, hints and comments are provided to help the player along. With every correct answer, the player moves on to the next question.

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