The Big 5 Time Management System
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The Big 5 Time Management System

by Chris Ervin
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Learn How 2 obscure books written over 30 years ago helped me to create my Big 5 Time Management System and skyrocket my productivity.

In less than 7 months this system helped me go from being burned out to highly productive without the stress that normally comes with it.

Listen up people, because traditional time management techniques are failing you!!!

The Problem with Traditional Time Management

I’ve been out of college now for almost 12 years. And for those 12 years, and for all the time I spent in school, traditional time management techniques worked great for me.

But as I’ve taken on more and more responsibilities I became burned out.

If you’ve never experienced burnout, it can be devastating. You basically lose all motivation and drive, to the point where you just don’t care.

The reason why I experienced burnout is that traditional time management techniques don’t really address how to manage your energy levels or control the constant chatter of thoughts in your head.

Also, it can be hard to piece together awkward time management techniques and productivity tips into a workable system where you can be highly productive.

The Solution Falls into Place

Everything clicked for me about a 1 year ago, and since that time I overcame my burnout. A key piece of the puzzle fell into my lap last year when I came across two little known books, which I talk about in the the system.

Now, I am highly productive, even on days when I don’t feel like it.

Because my Big 5 Time Management System is setup to work even if I don’t feel like it!

But most importantly it’s set up so my high productivity level is sustainable.

That is what makes this time management system so different from anything else.

This system is different because unlike most time management courses, this is a comprehensive system. Not a random collection of techniques.

It takes into account all these things that traditional time management courses don’t:
1. Attention Management
2. Sustainable Mental Energy
3. Optimal Work Environments

These three items above form the core of the system.

When I decided to teach others about my Big 5 Time Management System, I wanted to pass along the exact same comprehensive system that I use to get a lot done and with much less stress and anxiety.

The three cores mentioned above are key.

• You need to keep your head clear of distracting thoughts and worries so you can focus on your work (Attention Management).
• You need to find a way to have sustainable mental energy so you can maintain high levels of productivity for long periods of time without burning out.
• And lastly, you a work environment conducive to getting work done as well.

Those three cores are broken down into 5 comprehensive parts to form the system:

1. Clear Head
2. Guarding Your Mind
3. Relaxed Productivity
4. Time Compression Skills
5. Clean Desk Magic (my favorite part!)

The 5 parts mentioned above is where the name “Big 5 Time Management System” comes from.

The key is to use all parts of the system to skyrocket your productivity.

In today’s information overloaded world there are way too many incoming distractions. So in order to more things done in less time, you have to manage or eliminate those distractions.

People who are teaching time management skills need to start teaching people about attention management. The ability to be in the moment and that is what you’ll learn about today.

The book also includes 18 exercises to help you with productivity improvement and give you some great stress management tips.
So if you’re tired and stressed out with too many tasks, too many distractions, and a cluttered desk, then please implement my time management strategies immediately.

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