Investing Money For Beginners - The Smart Guide To Investment By Building Your Wealth In Easy Steps
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Investing Money For Beginners - The Smart Guide To Investment By Building Your Wealth In Easy Steps

by Paul Tipping
Kindle Edition: 107 pages
Publisher: Paul Tipping

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                       Stop! ....are you an investing beginner?

Why you need to read this book....

"Investing Money For Beginners" will be just what you need if you are new to investing, want to take control by 'doing it all yourself' and don't know where to start.

This book has been written from the point of view of the complete newbie just starting out.... just like the author did almost 30 years ago!

...."I've read dozens of investment books that assume you already know the basics and then proceed to confuse you because you are missing important information, or bore you to death because they are way way too advanced".... MR can read more Reviews below

Don't Be Overwhelmed By Jargon....Here's An Introduction To Investing Written In Plain English!  

There are hundred's of investment books out there!

But they are rarely written in a 'plain english' way.

At last.... a book free from the usual confusing 'technical hype' .... and explains how to become an investor in a more practical way.

Why You need To Think About Retirement Planning!

Most people don't want to think about retirement planning.... they leave it far too late!

If you have started work you need to do something now....the sooner you start the cheaper it will be!

From the author:

"You can take a look at the way I have put together a logical retirement plan.... based upon my favourite investment sectors."

The Secrets To Successful 'Do It Yourself' Investing

From the author:

Scroll up and grab a copy today !

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