How to get Job Interviews in 2013 - Master the 8 Secrets to getting selected in today's competitive job market
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How to get Job Interviews in 2013 - Master the 8 Secrets to getting selected in today's competitive job market

by Amber Freeman
Kindle Edition: 57 pages

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Stop putting all your efforts into learning about ‘Interview Techniques’ - for interviews that you are just not getting!

This book will teach you how to:

A) Get an employer to actually notice you

B) Get an employer to want what you have to offer

These two skills are absolute game changers. Not only will you start getting invited to interviews – you will also feel much more in control of the whole process, and more positive about your future.

The market is too competitive now to leave things to chance – right?

Being ignored and rejected by employers is chipping away at your confidence.

We need to break this negative cycle now!

When you use the 8 secrets in this book you will:

1. Put yourself way ahead of the competition – (they are probably using some of these techniques some of the time, but are not consistent, so are not getting selected)

2. Give your confidence and motivation a huge boost – you will be reminded of all your awesome skills and strengths.

3. Create a strong, consistent internet presence - that markets you to employers while you are getting on with the rest of your life!

With this book you are going to learn:

- Insights into the psychology of the recruiter – so you know how to speak their language (no chance of getting noticed without this)

- The two most effective employer attention grabbing techniques.

- How to make yourself much more potent in the job market.

- How to get Employers to think you are a positive ‘Match’ for them.

- How to make sure your resume and covering letters get results.

- How to create new positive habits to move you forward!

Pick up your copy today and master the 8 Secrets to getting selected in today’s competitive market.

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