Waiternomics: The Ultimate Guide to Escaping the Employee Trap
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Waiternomics: The Ultimate Guide to Escaping the Employee Trap

by Martin Fischer
Kindle Edition: 198 pages

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"Martin Fischer comes from a career at the pinnacle of the waiter profession, where successful human relations and sophisticated salesmanship matters, in 6-figure income terms. He has also built and crossed the bridge to entrepreneurship. He thoroughly understands what it takes to independently create financial independence. His book should be gifted to and read by every high school and college student or recent graduate, by anyone feeling trapped in an unsatisfactory job, and by business owners looking for a leg up.”
– Dan S. Kennedy, Author, the NO B.S. book series

“Martin began his career just like I did… as a dishwasher. Through dedication, perseverance, learning from the masters and sheer stubbornness, Martin escaped the employee trap and wants to help you do the same. Waiternomics-The Employee Trap Escape Plan offers a clear guide for you to plan your escape from a life of rigid work hours and disinterested bosses into a life of freedom where you set the pace and where your work matches your passion. Whether you’re an employee dreaming of owning your own business or whether you want to learn more about how to market your business, Martin will act as your mentor and take you through each step of your journey. Don’t miss out on your place in the Waiternomics movement. Jump on now and start planning your escape!”
– Brian Tracy, Best Selling Author, Professional Speaker, Entrepreneur & Success Expert

“Martin made the commitment to ‘escape the employee trap forever’ and he succeeded. In Waiternomics, Martin shows you exactly how you can too.”
– T. Harv Eker, Author of #1 NY Times Bestseller Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

If you feel trapped in the "J-O-B" you have now, with no way out… and you KNOW there must be more to life than going to work day after day, month after month… this book was written especially for you!

Most people feel stuck in their J-O-B (and are "Just Over Broke"). The ones who try to find a way out on their own, a way to create a better life for themselves, end up staying stuck right where they are. In Waiternomics you'll see there IS a way out. A path you can take to "Escape the Employee Trap" once and for all. So you can become your own boss (while still earning the income you do now). No matter what kind of "J-O-B" you have now… Waiter, Secretary, Medical Assistant or even an Executive… there IS a way out. A way you can set yourself up to create the life you want to live. So you can live life on YOUR terms, not someone else's.

Look, life is short. Why waste your time working at a "J-O-B" or career you dread going to every day? Don't you think it's time you were able to earn a much better living than you are now? While having more "personal freedom" to work when you want, and play when you want to play?

You too can set yourself up to make YOUR ‘escape.’ To start down the path of designing and creating the life you want to live. The ‘good life’ you may be thinking about right now. Think you're ready to take a look at how life can really be for you? A look at how I created a much better life for myself, and how you can do the same if you really want more out of life?

Then do yourself a favor and give yourself a special gift TODAY. The gift of Waiternomics. The gift of creating your Ideal Life. Living life on YOUR terms from now on. And never living on someone else's terms ever again. Here's to your better life! – Martin

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