The Ghost of Sherwood
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The Ghost of Sherwood

by Wilson Harp
Kindle Edition: 273 pages

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King Richard is dead.

With a new king on the throne, the Sheriff of Nottingham knows he will soon be replaced. The only way he can survive the constant vagaries of political whim is to become wealthy in his own right. And the easiest way to do this is to see the king's taxes fall into his own pocket.

When the thefts are reported, he simply claims that a band of bandits has taken up residence in Sherwood Forest and has stolen the money. A good idea and it works... until King John decides the sheriff needs some help in hunting down the bandits.

Sir Guy is dispatched with a unit of soldiers and orders to find the bandits and retrieve the king's taxes.

A single stray word will put the sheriff's head in a noose. He must find a way to play both bandit and lawman until he can escape with his life. He must become the villain to survive the hunt for Robin Hood.

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