A Writer on Writing - Advice to Make You a Success
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A Writer on Writing - Advice to Make You a Success

by Sally Jenkins
Kindle Edition: 58 pages
Publisher: Tango Press

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A writer who earns money from his work is not merely a wordsmith. A profitable writer knows how to manage his time, produce ideas from a blank mind and create a web presence, plus many more things besides.

A Writer on Writing will introduce you to these and a range of other skills useful to anyone hoping to make cash from their words.

Using her feature articles that have appeared in the UK writing press, Sally Jenkins looks at:

The self-discipline needed to write and stay focussed
A method of getting ideas
Tips on writing flash fiction
How to choose an educational course to help with your writing
Tips on writing anniversary articles
Tips on creating a backup of your work
How to decide on pseudonym
How to create a good first impression with an editor
Tips on starting a blog
The benefits of a writing buddy
How to write a novel in a month!

Above all, this little book will inspire you to get writing!

About the Author
Sally’s articles on writing-related topics have appeared in UK writing magazines and this book is based on a selection of these articles.
Her short stories have been successful in a range of competitions and magazines. She has published two anthologies of her fiction.

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