How Leaders Succeed: The 4 Leadership Secrets You NEED To Know (How....Succeed)
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How Leaders Succeed: The 4 Leadership Secrets You NEED To Know (How....Succeed)

by Linda Miller
Kindle Edition: 67 pages

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How Leaders Succeed: The 4 Leadership Secrets You NEED To Know reveals the hidden leadership elements that all great business leaders share.

From Steve Jobs to Sun Tzu, from Sir Richard Branson to Warren Buffett, all of them discovered and utilised these secrets to help ignite the fire in their teams, create synergy, momentum, vision and ultimately MASSIVE PROFITS whilst turbo charging their own potential and achievement, blasting out any blockages within themselves, their teams and their businesses.

This generation of leaders have been motivational and inspired people in strategic management, organisational behavior, workplace and personal transformation, leadership development, leadership practice and theory and, finally, you can learn how to as well- easily and quickly.

In this book, Linda Miller will show you EXACTLY how she successfully taught new managers and experienced leaders alike the secrets to leadership success and in doing so, radically changed the results and morale of the leaders AND their teams. This is so much more than education, it is an investment in you and your business.

The Leadership secrets you need are distilled down to their key elements right here. This 50ish page quick read is a real roadmap to becoming the kind of leader you always wanted to be and getting your team pulling in the same direction, as never before.

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